If you’re looking for a firm that will focus on your individual needs, and always treat you like a client who matters, look no further.  Our firm is large enough to offer a full range of professional services, but small enough to give you the individual attention that you deserve.

We will thoroughly and conscientiously study your personal situation, and tailor our advice to your specific needs.

Property and Casualty Insurance

Auto: Personal and Commercial
Our agency has the expertise and experience necessary to offer you the best service in guiding you to choose the insurance that fits your needs. Either liability or full coverage, we try to give you the lowest price available from all the different companies we are appointed by:

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Homeowners, Dwelling
We have sold hundreds of policies in the years we have of experience in the business and our customers come back for the renewal of their policies. We offer all types of coverage for Homeowners, for Investors, and also offer flood Insurance.

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Commercial General Liability
No matter how big or small your business is, we can cover you! We offer you a variety of options to maintain your responsibility with the people you serve. We can also offer E&O (Errors and Omissions) to protect Professionals from any mistakes made that will affect their clients.

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Commercial and Personal Bonds
We offer Bonds for your business or for you as individual. Some of those bonds are related to auto titling, or requested by other entities for their protection as a surety while you do transactions and business with them.


Texas Workers Compensation insurance
It does not matter what business you run if you have employees you have to have workers compensation insurance to cover you or your business from any loss due to employee injuries. We offer the best rates through companies with an excellent reputation.


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Life, Accident, IRA, Annuities, Health & HMO General Lines

Annuities are financial products that allow people to invest their capital and grow funds and upon annuitization pay a stream of payments in a later point of life. The annuities can be structured according to a wide array of factors and details. Contact our agency for details.

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Individual Retirement Accounts are financial products offered as plans with the unique purpose of saving up for the retirement years. IRAs encompasses individual retirement accounts, trust or custodial accounts set up for the exclusive benefit of taxpayers or their beneficiaries, and individual retirement annuities. Our agency will guide you to choose the product that fits your needs.

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Term and Life Insurance
Life events happen! Our agency offers you a full range of products to fit the unavoidable events in life, ensuring that you and your love ones have peace of mind at the time when life events catch you by surprise.

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Health Insurance
Teenage years, childhood, or adulthood, it does not matter, we all need health care! Contact our agency to speak with our experts and obtain a quote to fit your medical needs.

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Disability Insurance
Accident or illness? Many times we find ourselves in the predicament of becoming disable and not being able to provide for our love ones. We have plans that will help you cover loses for cause of disability and enable your life to continue!

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Tax Preparation


Annual IRS income tax
We all have to pay federal taxes! At A Plus Services and More, Inc., we will help you electronically file your annual income tax, forms 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ, with ease. Contact us, we have the lowest prices in the area.

There are those times when you thought you had all the documents for the tax year and file our taxes, only to realize later that you receive an extra form that you have forgotten. May be, you forgot certain expenses or income you did not declare. In that case, we are able to help you file your income tax amendment through form 1040X.

Non resident alien income tax (foreign investors)
There are just a few tax professionals that offer this kind of service, utilizing form 1040NR, and for that reason their prices are exclusive. In A Plus Services and More, Inc., we are conscious of the impairment it becomes to foreign investors or newly residents of the USA, to have to deal with new laws and procedures. That is why we insure to price this service fairly and deal with the difficulties it brings in a professional manner.

Dual status income tax
Yes, it is possible! The customers that fall into this category are few, but they mostly are new to the USA tax law or they leave the country to encounter new business endeavors. Our agency deals with these customers professionally and we try to ease the process of filing the forms 1040NR and 1040 contemporaneously.

Application for ITIN
If you are a investor from other country doing business in the USA or you are a resident alien or national in the USA required to pay income taxes, you need to apply for a ITIN (Individual Tax Identification Number) we can help you do so using form W7 of the IRS.

“Second look” preparation
Review of any of the above forms for accuracy. Many times and specially in this line of business we are face with fraudulently filed income taxes for your ease of mind we are able to check your income tax return and assure you that it has been correctly filed.

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Tax Preparation


Annual IRS income tax (LLC, Corporations, Non-Profits)
We have years of experience filing income taxes for straight corporations, S corporations, limited liability companies, etc., all forms 1065, 1120, 1120s

When something countable has been omitted or overlooked within the organization and the income tax declaration has been submitted, there are amendments that can be done to your IRS filing through a form 1065X, or 1120X. We strongly encourage you to have your accounting in shape because amendments are time consuming and costly expenses.

Consultation regarding audits
Review of your particular situation and act as your authorized agent to inspect and/or receive your confidential information for the type of tax and the years or periods audited.

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Business Services

Business Start up

  • Election of Entity
  • County or State filing of entity
  • Corporative documents and Corporative Book
  • Guidance on Financial Administration and Quikbooks

On going

  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll
  • Payroll Tax deposits
  • Sales Tax filing

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Miscellaneous Services

  • Notary Public (Not to be confused with a “Notario Publico”)
  • Form Preparation

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